Let's Celebrate

Poem: To New Beginnings


Kip Kingsberry was playing 

on what was a normal night.  

When his dad, Roy, surprised him,  

with a wonderful delight. 


“Grab your coat,” said Roy Kingsberry.  

“We don’t want to miss the show! 

Put on your mittens and your scarf, 

we’ll be playing in the snow.” 

Mittens 1

Little Kip, who was less than three

asked, “isn’t it time for bed?

Mom put me in my ‘jamas,

but we’re going out instead?”


“That’s right,” said Roy. “We’re off to the park

for a show you wouldn’t believe.

There’s going to be fireworks

because tonight is New Year’s Eve!”

Mittens 1

“Tonight, we stay up very late

and look back on the year.

We thank all of our lucky stars

and celebrate with cheer!”


“We’ll be counting down the seconds

till the new year has begun.

There’s so much to look forward to;

this new year will be FUN!”

Mittens 1

And so, the Kingsberry Lions

watched the fireworks together.

With all the Woodzeez gathered ‘round,

‘twas a night they will remember.


Happy New Year from Li’l Woodzeez!

Mittens 1

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