Poem: Wally’s Wish for Fish


On a sunny day in spring

Wally the cat had one wish.

He only wanted one thing;

He wanted to catch a fish.


So, he brought out his boat

his hook, his line, and bait.

A lifejacket to float

and no patience to wait.


Wally rowed out in the sun

and quickly cast his rod.

His catch would soon be won…

Till he noticed something odd.


The fishies wouldn’t bite;

They all just swam along.

All of them in sight,

right where they belonged.


Wally sighed and said,

“this might take a while.”

So he waited, instead

and then started to smile.


Here, out on the lake

everything was slow.

There was nothing at stake

and nowhere to go.


Time stood still for the cat

as he gazed at the view.

On his rowboat he sat,

counting fish, one and two.


Wally relaxed and thought,

“I won’t catch anything soon.

Whether I catch a fish or not,

I think I’ll fish all afternoon.”


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