Scoops Ice Cream Truck

A day at Scoops Ice Cream Truck
A day at Scoops Ice Cream Truck

Do you hear that sound? It’s a fun jingle song in the distance! Look over there, it’s the Scoops Ice Cream truck coming down the Honeysuckle Hollow pathway! You can tell from the giant ice cream cone on top. Quick lets grab some spare change and go wait outside – we do not want to miss it! Scoops is by far the sweetest ride on four wheels! Wallis Toddlewaddle is in the driver’s seat, and he will give a small friendly honk at every turn. Once he parks, he will wave us over and a crowd will quickly form to check out the latest ice cream flavors. Pop up to the window when you are at the front of the line. You can see inside there is a blender for milkshakes or you want a soft serve cone? Humphrey’s favorite is an ice cream sundae! Nothing says warm weather fun, like sitting on the sidewalk and racing to eat a melting cone! A Scoops treat is the best way to beat the heat!  

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