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Strawberry Fields Forever


The sun is high up in the sky,

And you can hear your friends are calling,

Grab your shades, shoes and a basket,

Let’s get this li’l adventure rolling!

Strawberries 1

You’re heading out with the Woodzeez crew!

It’s a perfect day and there’s lots to do,

Follow the curling Honeysuckle pathway,

Over the hill, your buds are waiting to play.

Strawberries 1

Friends and neighbors are gathered all around,

In the fields, fresh and ripe strawberries abound,

Amid leaves of green the red berries are a beautiful sight,

When no one’s peeking – well we might just sneak a bite…

Strawberries 1

One, two, three, four and five,

Six, seven, eight and more,

At some point we lose count,

There’s strawberries galore!

How many can you find to pick?

I spy something red but perhaps it’s a trick!

Take a look closely – how many do you see?

Plenty to pick and enjoy for you and me!


Count how many strawberries you can spot in the picture above!

Strawberries 1

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  1. Hi
    I am 83. I have 28 families. Love each and every one ❤.

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