Summer Nights


If you know the Li’l Woodzeez – you know they love to celebrate! No occasion is too small for a party! From birthdays to new neighbors, the LW crew are ready with balloons, games and a great attitude! The end of the school year is a special time. All the kids get together to enjoy the best of the summer season and this year they are having a midnight movie and picnic evening. You are invited! But of course!

On the morning of the midnight movie friends Kelly, Jake, Toby, and Nolan meet up to prepare. They have been friends for a long time and love to play together. Tonight, is no different, and the group has been planning to get front row seats for the film. 

“I can’t wait for tonight!” Kelly called out to Jake. 

“Me too! I am ready to watch some movies under the stars!” replied Jake.

“Let’s make sure we have everything we need for a good time!” said Nolan taking out a list of must-haves his dad had made. “Ok do you have your blankets?”

“Check!” they all called out.

“What about your sweaters – if it gets cool?” asked Nolan.

“Check!” they shouted.

“Your snacks and water?” asked Jake.

“Check!” they nodded with enthusiasm.

“And I remembered my glasses too!” said Toby.

The group giggled, as they knew Toby was always forgetting his glasses behind.

“It looks like we are ready to go!” said Jake with happiness and the group cheered.

At dusk, just as the sky was moving from light to dark, the group of friends reunited and headed for the park. They had their picnic blankets thrown over their shoulders and tote bags filled with goodies. Toby wore his glasses. 

“We are the first to arrive,” Nolan said with excitement. 

 “That’s perfect – we can set up our spot!” said Kelly.  

The crew found an area close to the movie screen that was set up. They arranged their blankets and took out a few games along to play while there was still light. Behind them the lawn slowly filled up with friends and neighbors from Honeysuckle Hollow. People waved hello and greeted one another as new friends arrived. The field filled up with the sound of the buzz of chatter and laughter.

Once the park was packed full, there was a loud whistle from the front that signaled the crowd to settle in and get quiet. The movie was about to begin! Nolan, Jake, Kelly and Toby exchanged excited grins as they got in close.

“This is my first time staying up late!” said Nolan.

“Me too” replied Jake and Kelly in unison.

“This is my first midnight picnic too!” joined in Toby.

The friends giggled with joy as the credits started to come up on the screen. They passed around their bowls of jellybeans, popcorn, veggie sticks and apple slices to share with each other. The film’s music started and everyone let out a big round of applause, as they settled in to watch the stars – under the stars. Shhhh! The movie is about to begin…


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