Table for Two, Me & You


Welcome to the Li’l Nibbles Diner. You will know you have arrived by the big neon sign glowing in red and white. Look up! Do you see it? Is there room for both of us? Take a peek inside. It looks like we can fit. Let’s pop in for a bite.

HotCocoa 3

Take A Seat 

Where do you want to sit my friend? We can grab one of the cute and cozy booths or maybe we can take a seat at the counter where all the action is! What do you choose?

  1. Booth
  2. Counter

Great choice! Let’s get a menu to look at the selection!

HotCocoa 3

What will you order?

The Li’l Nibbles Diner specializes in comfort food! Who doesn’t love a burger and fries or a strawberry milkshake?! But sometimes, you just want to have a strong cup of coffee and chat with an old friend. I see you took a seat next to Tommy Tippytail fox. He is having a cherry donut. What will you choose?

  1. A hotdog with extra mustard.
  2. Eggs sunny side up with toast on the side.
  3. A tall stack of pancakes, extra maple syrup.

HotCocoa 3

What is happening today at the diner?

Li’l Nibbles is always buzzing with action. Who do you spot today at the diner? What are they doing? And who are they with?  

  1. You see best friends Lizz, Lila, Humphrey and Kya come in to split vanilla and chocolate milkshakes. Four friends, four straw – two shakes!
  2. The Croakalily frog family hop in to share a big basket of french fries. They laugh and play games like tic tac toe on the paper placemats.
  3. The Bustleberry kids come to pick up a bag of hazelnut donuts to go. While they wait the waitresses give them mini hot chocolates to sip and as they sing songs together.

HotCocoa 3

Thank you for joining us! We had such a lovely time. Shall we make it a regular weekly date? Before we go, let’s grab one more cup of coffee – they don’t mind. Li’l Nibbles is always open and everyone is welcome!

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