Let's Celebrate

The Great Egg Hunt

MARS EGGS scaled
MARS EGGS scaled

It’s that time of year and the Great Egg Hunt is about to begin! 

Every Li’l Woodzeez neighbor grabs a basket aiming to win,

Pastel colors dot the hills as friends and family take off running,

Honeysuckle Hollow is in full bloom and the view is stunning.


A li’l friendly competition is the name of the game!

In the great hunt, no two eggs are quite the same…

Stripes, curves, polka dots, zig zags and swirls,

Stars, hearts, rainbows, cross hatching and curls. 


Lizz, Lila, Kya and Humphrey have come together as a team, 

Finding the most special eggs in HH is their common dream,

Lizz looks over, Lila under and Kya checks up, down and around,

Humphrey follows close behind, inspecting every inch of the ground.  


Off in the distance a bell rings out loud and clear,  

Teams gather their baskets as the hunt’s end is near,  

The neighbors reunite with the bounties of their quest,  

Sharing laughs and counting eggs -while they display their best.  


Everyone is a winner at the end of the day,  

Spending time together in joyous Easter play.  

Lizz, Lila, Kya and Humphrey pass out their eggs to share,  

For the Great Hunt is just another chance to show you care.  

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