Poem: The Joys of Autumn


Sitting ‘round the fire, sipping on hot tea,

Were two li’l frogs: Hip and Hop Croakalily.

Suzy Tippytail was their sitter that day,

Keeping them both busy with stories and play.


“It’s chilly and leaves are falling,” said Hop. 

“I really wish summer never had to stop!” 

“Summer was fun,” said Suzy. “That’s true! 

But in the fall, there’s so much to do.” 


“You can play in the leaves or go for a hike!

The weather is perfect for riding your bike.

And if you get cold, you can wear a sweater.”

“Or I could wear a hat!” said Hip. “That’s clever!”


“And ice cream?” said Hop, “What a great summer treat!”

“Goodness!” said Suzy. “There’s so much to eat!”

“In fall, there are pumpkins and apples to pick!

And there’s Hallowe’en – it’s coming up quick!”


“But what about school?” asked Hip. “I want to play!

I don’t want to sit down and learn every day.”

“School can be fun. Your friends are all there!

Like Pete, Poppy, and Hazel the bear!”


“There are places to see and lessons to learn.

Don’t worry, little Hip, summer will return!

Fall’s full of surprises,” Suzy gave a wink.

“It could be a lot more fun than you think!”


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