The Open Road

It is official! School is done for the year. To celebrate the summer holiday’s beginning the Vanderhoof Moose are taking a family road trip! It is a tradition for the family of four and they look forward to it every year. Mom Eloise, Dad Madox, and kids Willie and Mina choose a different spot every year to visit. This year they are going to the desert.
“Are you ready to pack the car?” Mom Eloise says as she loads the trunk with bottles of water, towels and a cooler filled with goodies.  

“I am bringing some books to read!” replies Mina.

“I am bringing some games to play!” calls Willie.

On the yearly road trip, the journey is just as fun as the destination. The whole family plays games on the ride, sings songs and if they see an interesting spot – they will pull over to explore. It is truly an adventure.

Once the car is packed and everyone is in Mom and Dad do one last bathroom call. Someone always runs inside the house one last time. Once everyone is settled, they buckle up and start their “open road” playlist. Everyone gets a turn picking a song they like so the music is also an adventure!

“I want some classical music!” calls out Mina from the backseat.

“For me, I want some rock and roll!” says Willie.

Father Madox passes them juice boxes and adjusts the radio while mom Eloise starts out on the open road. The whole family watches the scenery flash beyond their windows and change from their neighborhood houses to forest and then suddenly there is some sand in the distance…

Along the way, the Vanderhoof Moose family stops to take photos. Each of the kids has a small camera and they even take shots on the road. They love driving games and will see who can spot three red cars first or a license plate that starts with a ‘J’ – all the while the time passes.

“Look over there – up in the distance!” Eloise calls out from the driver’s seat.

“Oh, wow! How cool!” Mina and Willie shout as they see a bunch of cacti up ahead. Cactus are plants that grow in dry and hot areas.

“Lets hop out and take a closer look!” said Madox.

The whole family got out of the car and out in the desert they gathered round a giant cactus.

“Get in close” said Mina as she took out her camera and captured the moment.


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