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Three’s A Crowd

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The FitzMoo Triplets

On the outside, being a triplet seems cool. It is fairly uncommon and that alone gives it a specialness. Myself, I am more of a soloist than an ensemble player. But when you are part of a trio by birthright that is not an option. Being a cow, I try to debate with both my family, siblings and really anyone who will listen – that we are NOT identical. Sure, we all have matching diapers but our spots! Our spots are unique.  When we perform, I am always trying to set my moo apart from the herd (to be heard). Millie loves girl pop groups though and is constantly trying to harmonize with me. Inevitably, Lillie will join in and start doing some sort of synchronized dance move. And before you know it,  by the second verse, we are in full can-can mode or river dancing to our heart’s content. Having a pair of best friends is not the worst problem to have. My beef is that as we get older, I worry about establishing myself as an independent, free thinking moo-ver and shaker. It is not that I am bull headed but it’s hard to be taken seriously when everything is said in a 2-part echo. And it sure doesn’t help my parents named me Sillie.
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