Time to Fly


School’s out and summer vacation is here! It’s time to kick back, relax, and have fun with the ones we love. This season – like all seasons – is a Li’l Woodzeez favorite. Whether they are traveling abroad or spending quality time at home, your woodland friends make the most of their summer break.

This year, to kick things off, the Healthnuggle Bears went on a tropical vacation. Mom Barbara, Dad Todd, little girl Hazel, and baby boy Romeo had so much fun together. They made sandcastles at the beach, went swimming in the ocean, and ate fruits in all the colors of the rainbow. It was a vacation they would never forget!

On their last day abroad, after a fun-filled week of activities, all the Healthnuggles had to do was to get to the airport before their flight. They had a plane to catch, and Mom Barbara was determined to get there on time. So, early in the morning, right at the break of dawn, Barbara was up and dressed, ready to go home.

Dad Todd woke up next. “Good morning, Barbara,” he said cheerfully. Soon, the whole family was awake and getting ready to leave the hotel.

“We should leave soon,” said Barbara, worriedly. “We don’t want to miss our flight!”

“It’s OK,” Todd replied. “We packed our bags last night, so we’ll be out of here in a jiffy. We made sure that we were prepared.”

“Do you have your bags packed?” Barbara asked the little bears.

“Yes, Mom!” Hazel beamed. Everyone was ready to go.

LW Airplane

Off they went, bags in hand, out of their hotel room. Barbara left first, taking quick steps down the hallway. Todd, however, was relaxed. He put on his sunglasses and said, “we’ll be back home in no time.”

“Oh dear,” Barbara cried as she put her hand on her head. “I forgot my hat in the hotel room!”

“That’s alright,” Todd replied. “Let’s go get it! There’s plenty of time.”

So, the Healthnuggle family went back into their room and found Barbara’s hat on the dresser. “There it is!” Barbara exclaimed. “Ok, let’s get our cab! If we don’t get one soon, we could be late to the airport and miss our flight.”

“Don’t worry, Barbara,” said Todd. “We booked a taxi yesterday, remember? They’re waiting for us outside, and they’ll take us straight to the airport. Easy-breezy!”

“Ah, yes, you’re right.” Barbara remembered. “We prepared for that.”

LW Airplane

Downstairs, the Healthnuggles found their taxicab and clambered into the vehicle. The driver helped them put their bags into the trunk, then started driving.

“Woohoo!” said Hazel. “I can’t wait to go home and tell all my friends about our vacation.”

“It truly was wonderful, wasn’t it?” said Todd. “I had lots of fun.”

Barbara gazed out the window anxiously. “Are we going to make it on time?” she asked.

Suddenly, the car stopped. “Traffic jam!” said the driver. “We’ll need to take a different route.” The driver then changed the car’s direction and cruised down a different road. “Just a small delay.”

“Oh dear, oh dear,” Barbara muttered. “I worry we’ll be late!”

Swiftly, the taxicab wended its way through the tropical beach town. With every turn, Barbara was worried they’d miss their flight. But Todd was still cool as a cucumber.

“Don’t worry,” he reassured her. “You made sure that we left the hotel early, so we have lots of time! Check out the view – it’s beautiful here.”

LW Airplane

Within a few minutes, the Healthnuggle Bears arrived at the airport. Palm trees stretched up toward the big blue sky, where airplanes soared and carried Li’l Woodzeez to faraway places.

“Ok, let’s go!” said Barbara. Hurriedly, she put baby Romeo into her arms and started walking into the airport.

“Slow down!” said Hazel as she followed her mom.

The bears rushed through the airport after Barbara, who had all their tickets ready. They hurried down long hallways and big, open rooms. Within no time at all, they reached Honeysuckle Airway – the colorful airplane that would take them home.

Barbara sighed with relief. “We’re here! We made it! How much time do we have left?”

Todd checked his watch. “Three hours.”

The Healthnuggle Bears stared at each other for a moment, then laughed.

Three hours? That’s so much time!” said Barbara, with a big smile. “We really were prepared. What should we do with all this time?”

“Let’s get ice cream!” said Hazel, clapping her hands with excitement.

“Ok,” Barbara agreed. “Let’s get ice cream!”

So, at the end of their trip, the Healthnuggle Bears each had a big cone of ice cream. They watched the planes fly in and out of the airport while they waited for their turn. Everyone felt great, knowing they were ready for their long journey home.

As soon as their plane was ready, they got into their seats and flew back to Honeysuckle Hollow, where more adventures waited.

LW Airplane

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