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Wagadoodle Kindness

Wagadooddles sit at a table with cards for eachother
Wagadooddles sit at a table with cards for eachother

Meet Wagadoodle Family

You never know who might need kindness. That’s the motto in the Wagadoodle household. The Wagadoodles are a big family with big hearts to match. Kindness is something to celebrate every day in the family but on National Kindness Day – they make a point of celebrating each other. There are all kinds of special ways to show someone you care. How do the Wagadoodles do it? We are glad you asked!
Dad Chester is the “unofficial” chef in the house. He makes sandwiches every morning for the whole gang! He keeps everyone’s favorite written down and pinned to the fridge. Triplets Rumble, Tumble and Romp love peanut butter and blueberry jelly. Romp likes the crusts cut off the bread and Rumble wants their sandwich cut across the middle for two triangular pieces. Sometimes, if Chester is feeling fancy – he will use a heart-shaped cookie cutter for heart sandwiches. Everyone loves that!  This is just one way Chester shows his family he cares. Do you help cook at home?
Mom Wanda is the scientific one in the home. She uses her talents in many ways. Sometimes she creates fun games for the whole family to join in. Spark and Scoot were doing a project for class and Wanda helped them create their own volcano with flowing lava from stuff around the house. Spark and Scoot were top of their class! Do you like to find solutions around your house? Are you an inventor at heart?
Spark and Scoot like to use their incredible team player skills to show how much they care. Every week they take Rumble, Tumble and Romp to the park. They take turns pushing them in the swings, going down the slide or holding them tight on the monkey bars. When walking home, they all hold hands – making sure to look both ways crossing the road. Do you have a sister or brother? What is a way that you like to help them out and show you care? (Maybe it is a cousin or grandparent!)
On Kindness Day, the Wagadoodle family sits down, and they exchange cards. Each writes a personalized message expressing their appreciation for the unique love they share with their special talents and gifts. They laugh, they hug, and they end the day with singing and dancing. They want to thank you for kindly joining them! You brought something special to the day.

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