Interactive Play: Winter Wonderland

Snowflakes 1

Welcome to another edition of Choose Your Own Woodzeez Adventure! This is an interactive story where YOU are a character. Are you ready to play? Let’s begin! Today’s story is a winter wonderland. You have been invited to the great Woodzeez Winter Festival. Sounds enchanting? It is! Bundle up! It is snowing out there…

Snowflakes 1

Your Team

There is a snow sculpture creating competition. Everyone is put into teams in Honeysuckle Hollow. This year, you were chosen to be a team captain! Congratulations! Now you must select four more friends to be your snow building crew. Below are the teams. Which one is your team?

  1. Ruby, Wally, Star and Nibbles
  2. Kelly, Jake, Toby and Nolan
  3. Poppy, Willie, Howie and Pete
  4. Lizz, Lila, Kya and Humphrey


Snowflakes 1

What will you build?

The Woodzeez Winter Festival is loads of fun – but these furry friends love friendly competitive! There are loads of cool prizes at the end so everyone tries their personal best to be creative and use their snow building skills. Your team is working hard and has four great ideas for a snow sculpture. As the team captain you get to decide what your team builds. What do you choose?

  1. A snow castle with a bridge
  2. A snow unicorn with a rainbow mane
  3. A snow garden with a rose bush 
  4. A snow monster with three eyes

Snowflakes 1

Cast Your Vote!

Everyone votes for their personal favorite snow sculpture. The only rule is you can not vote for your own team. Below are what the other teams have made. Which one will you vote for?

  1. A big snow pizza with extra cheese
  2.  A snow volcano with lava coming out
  3.  A snow circus clown
  4. A snow truck with giant wheels

Snowflakes 1

The Prize

They are counting up the votes and you can hardly believe it! Your team won for, “Best Snow Skills!” Everyone says that your snow sculpture really sparkled today! There is a big table of prizes to select from. Go pick something special for yourself. What prize will you choose?

  1. A ticket for a pizza party with friends
  2. A huge teddy bear to cuddle with
  3. Some sneakers that light up as you walk
  4. A new coloring book and markers
  5. A big bag of candy and chocolate
  6. A gold medal that says Woodzeez Winter Festival 1st Place

Snowflakes 1

Great job today! Thank you so much for attending the Woodzeez Winter Festival. The day is not done yet! Let’s go grab a (pretend) snow cone and take a stroll around all the ice sculptures. They have put up some twinkle lights and wow, it all looks so magical!

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