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The Best Travel Toys for Kids

Lil Woodzeez Travel Toys
Lil Woodzeez Best Toys for Travel

Going on a family trip? Consider bringing a toy for your little one! Toys are not only fun for kids but useful for grown-ups who want a stress-free travel experience. What’s important is that you choose the right one. A portable, screen-free toy your child loves will keep them busy for hours while nurturing their imagination, their motor skills, their social development, and more.

Choosing a Travel-Friendly Toy

When selecting a travel-friendly toy, look for one that is versatile, so it can keep your kiddo entertained for long periods. Think vibrant colors, fun features, and open-ended play. The toy should also be convenient and small enough to fit inside a carry-on bag. Let’s face it, there is only so much room to fit a toy into your luggage, so it’s important that you get the best bang for your buck!

One of our favorite toys from Li’l Woodzeez is the Travel Suitcase Bunk Bed Set because it’s so handy – literally! This travel-friendly toy folds into a compact carrying case for easy transport. Slide it into a bigger suitcase to stay organized, or let kids carry it by themselves! Our portable sets include 2 animal characters, cute furniture, and accessories that fit neatly inside.

Want to go even smaller? Pick a collectible kids’ toy such as a Bobbleez or Mini Acorn House Surprise. Both feature a mystery critter and a little home to carry them inside! Pack these into your carry-on and surprise your little one during your travels. Mini gifts like these are fantastic for long journeys because they help to keep little ones busy as they discover their new toys.

Lil Woodzeez Travel Set
Lil Woodzeez Mini Acorn Houses

One final thing to look for in a travel toy is cleanliness, especially for kids in the 3-year-old range. This is because traveling comes with the risk of dropping toys onto dirty surfaces, such as a sidewalk or the floor of a vehicle, and it may be difficult to throw things in the wash. So, pick something that is easy to spot clean or wash in the sink!

Our unflocked Famileez are not only great for traveling but for kids who love to take their toys outside. Their smooth design makes them very easy to clean and maintain. When the need arises, simply wipe the toys clean with a disinfectant, then continue taking in the sunshine! Plus, 4-member Famileez come with storybooks, perfect for keeping bedtime story routines while on the go.

More Travel Tips for Parents

  • Write a list. Even the most seasoned travelers should write a list! Packing lists let you plan ahead, which will help you feel more in control when things get stressful. It also means that you won’t forget what’s important! 
  • Organize suitcases. Use packing cubes to compartmentalize your luggage and save space! You can use these to organize by item type, to keep every child’s belongings separate within the same bag, or to organize by day – whatever works for you! 
  • Pack layers. Choose simple outfits that can be mixed and matched, with some items that ca be re-worn, like a cardigan. You should also be ready for inclement weather, with the right jackets and footwear. 
  • Roll outfits together. Lay out your children’s outfits – tops, pants, socks and all – then roll each of them up before packing them away. This will save space while making your mornings easier! Just pick out a rolled outfit and you’ll be good to go. 
  • Leave THAT toy at home. While it may be tempting to bring your child’s favorite toy, there is always the risk that it is lost during your travels – and that would mean major drama! Bring something new or convenient, instead.  
  • Mix things up. Bring an activity pack or a set of coloring sheets to help keep your kiddo happy and entertained. That extra bit of structure can help kids stay focused. 
  • Pack essentials in a carry-on. Got a connection? Be ready for lost luggage by packing your kiddo’s essentials in your carry-on bag. This includes a change of clothes, a toy, medication, and toiletries.  
  • Bring a first aid kit. Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile, be sure to bring band-aids and everyday medicinal supplies that could come in handy.

We hope these tips for traveling with kids are helpful! The key is to stay organized while being happy and healthy. Let us know in the comments where you’ll be traveling next and tell us if you have any parenting tips you’d like to share!

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